Are Republican Senators "Heretics"?

| April 27, 2005 | Reply

It is only okay to use religious imagery if you’re not a right-winger?

Apparently so.

That explains the pass that Al Gore seems to be getting today for his speech “An American Heresy” given before members of the MoveOn PAC.

In a speech Wednesday to members of the Political Action Committee, former Vice President Al Gore called possible attempts to change Senate rules on filibusters “a poison pill for America’s democracy” and “a dangerous American heresy.”

It seems to be a touch hypocritical for Gore to rail against “religious zealots” while using pretty incendiary religious imagery. After all, to anyone with even a pinch of religious knowledge, the word “heretic” doesn’t exactly conjure up cute puppies and sunshine.

I’m guessing more and more, though, that it’s perfectly okay to bring religion into politics just as long as you 1) use it to advance a political position on the left, or 2) don’t actually mean it.

My guess is that at some point I’m going to be called reactionary and this incident is going to drop like a lead weight. Par for the course of late.

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