The Missing Story – Day 2

| April 22, 2005 | 3 Replies

New York’s third newspaper, the New York Sun, has more details about a story I noted yesterday.

A New Orleans political consultant who is Senator Kennedy’s brother-in-law, Raymond Reggie, has been operating in Democratic circles for the last three years as an undercover informant for the FBI, sources close to the matter said yesterday.

At a federal court hearing yesterday morning, Reggie, 43, who organized fund-raisers for President and Mrs. Clinton, pleaded guilty to two felony charges, bank fraud and conspiracy. Prosecutors described check-kiting and loan fraud schemes he operated involving three Louisiana banks, but they did not publicly detail his cooperation with the government.

So we have a brother-in-law of a prominent Democratic Senator who worked for another prominent Democratic Senator pleading guilty to two crimes in exchange for his testimony about crimes committed by another top member of
the second Democratic Senator’s campaign staff.

And we see nothing of this in the New York Times, the Washington Post or any other major newspaper, as far as I can tell, nor have I heard anything about it on any of the three network news broadcasts.

Do you think there might be a reason for this, perhaps?

(Will Collier has noticed the same thing but I don’t know that he saw yesterday’s story, so it’s worse than he supposes.)

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