Habemus Papam

| April 19, 2005 | 1 Reply

We apparently have a Pope.

Broadcasts have been fairly confused, since it’s not always easy to tell what color smoke is against an evening sky, but the reports are that the bells are tolling and the crowd in Vatican Square are cheering.

I don’t have a television set here to catch the breaking news, but Michelle Malkin does and she’s on the story.

You’ll also want to keep your browser pointed toward The Anchoress for frequent updates and great analysis. She’s guessing that Ratzinger is our new Pope. I’m not so sure. I think perhaps Arinze.

It’s Ratzinger. Congratulations to Josef Ratzinger, who has chosen the name Benedict XVI (that’s the 16th, for those of you who are Roman Numberal-impaired). I wish him long life and great success in leading the Catholic Church well into the 21st Century.

UPDATE: The Anchoress sees great significance in his choice of name. I hope that her observations are correct.

UPDATE 2: Q and O has a brief biography of Pope Benedict XVI that’s worth reading. Get to know this man. He’s going to be very influential, I think, in the next few decades.

UPDATE 3: Both K-Lo at The Corner and TKS have noted the MSM’s quick painting of the Pope as controversial and conservative. Length of honeymoon? Less than five minutes.

Expect to hear those words over and over and over and over again from the MSM when they talk about this Pope. Might as well get used to seeing him referred to as “the extremely controversial and conservative Pope Benedict XVI”.

Is that fair? Well, no, but do you really expect any sort of honeymoon from the Pope-bashing. Heck, John Paul II didn’t interred before the carping began. American Catholics will again make their bid to bend the Church to their will. It won’t happen – not with Benedict XVI – but goodness knows with the MSM’s help, they’ll try.

UPDATE 4: Andrew! Surely you had time to prepare for this. Why the Scarlett O’Hara routine? Bet money you’ll see him on one of the cable channel weeping softly into a handkerchief sometime in the next three days, if he’s capable of going outside without breaking down completely that is.

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