Terri Schaivo Dead

| March 31, 2005 | Reply

Terri Schaivo is dead.

Spiritualist extremist and lawyer George Felos reported that her death was peaceful and serene. I pray that, despite all my misgivings and the reasonable doubt I have felt, that it was so.

I am mostly saddened, though, that this entire story has given rise to some very shoddy reporting. Even today, the story I linked contains such paragraphs as this:

The death of Schiavo, 41, ended the court battle that had pitted her husband, who wanted to take her off artificial life support, against her parents and siblings, who sought to keep her alive at all costs. But the death appeared unlikely to quell the broader controversy fueled by the Schiavo case, one that set right-to-life, antiabortion and conservative religious groups — with backing from President Bush and Republican leaders in Congress — against advocates of a “right to die” when the brain no longer functions.

It bothers me that, in a story where so much information is clearly available, reporters still can’t get basic facts correct and continue to inject their own biases into what purports to be news reporting.

Though Terri has passed, this issue is far from resolved (nor should we consider it resolved with her passing). A host of issues remain and perhaps we will find it easier now to discuss life and death and how our public policy and social structures support either one of those, or both at the same time. Clearly, many of the laws we have in place are insufficient to deal with the complexities of the subject, and we ought to think clearly about what it is we want to do, then ensure that our laws reflect our wishes.

But not today. Today, I think, we ought to say a prayer for those who love Terri – in the hopes that perhaps the Almighty will help them find peace in their sorrow and strength from their loss.

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