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For those of you who believe in Him, here’s a question to consider today:

What is God up to, I wonder?

Today we see the news that pastor Jerry Falwell lies in a hospital “critically ill” from viral pneumonia, and is breathing with the assistance of a respirator.

Meanwhile, the Vatican tells us that the Pope is being fed through a nasal feeding tube.

Two men of God (and say what you will about Falwell’s politics, because I certainly know I have, but he has been one of the stalwart Ministers for God in his time) are stricken down. Both require “heroic means of assistance” to survive. Both remain conscious and reported in strong and good spirits.

I wonder what the Lord is up to here? I wonder if the truly prayerful who do indeed communicate with God much better than I (he and I still have our differences, you see, and I don’t know that He’s quote ready to open all the mysteries of Heaven for this lone reprobate) will gain a glimpse and, if so, share that glimpse with us?

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