Alaska or the Blues?

| March 30, 2005 | 4 Replies

The funny things you find around the blogosphere. Llamabutcher Robert informs us that, if you haven’t picked up your party hats and noisemakers, you probably should because today is the 138th anniversary of Seward’s Folly.

Yes, well that’s all okay and we’re all very proud of Mr. Seward for hooking us that huge beautiful patch of moutains and permafrost and ensuring that we’ll forevermore have to contend with environmentalists who don’t want us to drill for our own oil.

Oh yes, and caribou. Lots and lots of caribou.

Alas Robert, music lover that he is, has surprised succumbed to the high-altitude beauty of Mount McKinley and has completely forgotten a far more important anniversary.

Today is God’s birthday.

Yep, Eric Clapton turns 60 today. Don’t blame me for the blasphemy. Blame the graffiti, which never lies.

Hee! I scooped the Llamabutchers on a musical anniversary!

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