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| March 29, 2005 | Reply

Are you a Libertarian?

Are you curious about what the heck Libertarians are?

Does the word NeoLibertarian give you the willies and make you think of a horrible cross between Michael badnarik and Karl Rove?

Do you just like good, thoughtful writing, in a language you can understand?

Then the guys at Q and O have something you definitely need to see. I consider their blog one of the indispensable resources on the Internet, a bastion of Libertarian thought, and a place where you can always find something entertaining and engaging to read. They’ve expanded by already considerable view of their site by launching a couple different projects: the NeoLibertarian Network (an RSS feed of like-minded blogs which I will be joining just as soon as I can figure out hos to bring my recalcritant RSS up to spec), and an regularly-published magazine called the New Libertarian.

You can get a copy of the very first issue, in a PDF download by visiting their site. You can subscribe to future issues there, and learn how to contribute articles as well. If I can get my time management skills working the way they should, you may see an article from me there at some point also.

I just got the first issue this morning and I’ll have more thoughts on it later, but it’s worth checking out right now regardless.

Right now! Go! Check out!

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