The Council Speaks, Begs for a Biscuit, Sits Up!

| January 29, 2005 | Reply

Come on. You have to admit that reading “The Council Speaks” every week gets kid of boring, doesn’t it? And hey, if I can’t win, I can at least have fun with a post title!

This was another week full of strong posts and I honestly thought I had a good shot of winning. I didn’t. I came in…well….you’ll read it at the end. In the meantime, take a peek at all the Watcher’s Council results for the week.

Here are the winners – two very strong pieces of writing.

Council Member Wallo’s World places first for his insightful look at the President’s Inauguration speech and his thoughts on fostering democracy around the world.

Among the non-Council entries, the Guardian Watchblog takes first prize for a look into the motivations and methods of terrorist leader Zarqawi’s war on democracy.

My entry this week came in a nice, solid second place (tied with two othre very good entries) – my third straight second-place finish.

Go on over and read the best of last week’s posts around the blogosphere!

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