News Flash: President Tries to Get One By Us

| January 6, 2005 | 2 Replies

The Associated Press has uncovered an unprecedented piece of political legerdemain in the making.

The success of President Bush’s push to remake Social Security depends on convincing the public that the system is “heading for an iceberg,” according to a White House strategy note that makes the case for cutting benefits promised for the future.

What?? How dare they!

What clever trick is this the Rovian minions of the Bush White House are trying to slick by us like some David Blaine street magic?

You mean that the President of the United States wants to push his reform of the Social Security system by convincing the people of this country that, just like we’ve been told for years, the system is failing and can not last in its current form.

The unmitigated gall! Why next I suppose he’ll try to hoodwink us into believing that we should simplify our tax system because it’s entirely too complicated for the average American to understand!

How utterly deceitful of George Bush. Such attempted deceit ought to be punished harshly. I say we bring impeachment charges immediately.

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