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Bias? Hypocrisy? Or the Old Deception Two-Step?

| December 31, 2004 | Comments (0)

Henry at Crooked Timber wants to take some blogs to task for what he sees as hypocrisy. Unfortunately, the premises on which he bases his argument are wrong, which makes his post an exercise in futility. He’s prompted, apparently, by the attack on Power Line by newspaper columnist Nick Coleman. I’m not going to recap [...]

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The Council Speaks!

| December 31, 2004 | Comments (0)

The Watcher’s Council is in with its weekly vote and here are the winners: The Council Winner: Spinning the Numbers by AlphaPatriot, a critical look at whether the numbers actually support the President’s claim of a “mandate”. It’s a good argument and worth reading. The Non-Council winner: Academic Freedom, Hate Mail And David Horowitz, a [...]

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The DC Blogger Meet-Up: After Action Report

| December 31, 2004 | Comments (17)

It was with great excitement I went to the DC Blogger Meetup put together by La Shawn Barber and I’m very glad to report that it was every bit as enjoyable as I was hoping it would be. But first, the adventure. I don’t actually live in DC. I live in Southern Maryland and it’s [...]

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More Light Blogging Tonight

| December 30, 2004 | Comments (6)

No, it’s not because of my poor overworked eyeballs. I’m going to a little blogger get-together this evening up in DC. It looks like there’s going to be great company there and I’ll be carrying the best wishes of a couple other non-DC bloggers with me also. I’ll be back late tonight and, of course, [...]

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The Newest Council Member

| December 30, 2004 | Comments (0)

The Watcher’s Council has added new member: Joe Gandleman of “The Moderate Voice”. You’ve probably already seen him on my blogroll and linked in some of my posts. Joe is a strong and entertaining writer and he’s one heck of an addition to the Council.

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Does HIV cause AIDS?

| December 30, 2004 | Comments (3)

Dean Esmay has a lengthy post on a subject of which I’m only peripherally aware: whether HIV actually causes AIDS. Apparently this has been a question since very nearly the initial discovery of AIDS and does deserve some attention, even if it’s just to familiarize yourself with the topic. I’m not going to quote anything [...]

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If a Quake Rattled the World, But No One’s There to Hear It, Does It Make A Sound?

| December 29, 2004 | Comments (5)

So there’s this organization called the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organization. They have very sensitive seismic equipment as well as some other goodies that can tell them when there’s something around the world that “sounds” like a nuclear test. They have a staff of 300 people and a budget of 100 million dollars. Their office [...]

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Blogging Notice

| December 29, 2004 | Comments (2)

Light blogging from me for most of the rest of the day. I’ve spent a good part of the day revising a couple schedule-based forms here at work. I’ve had to stare at about six or so forms, in the hopes of turning them into four pages. they’re all in Times New Roman 7-point font. [...]

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