Al Qaeda Releases Another Video: World Yawns.

| November 29, 2004 | Reply

Don’t look now, but Al Qaeda has another video out, this time featuring Ayman al-Zawahiri, threatening the West with DIRE CONSEQUENCES unless we leave them alone and change our policies in the MIddle East (i.e. hang Israel out to dry).

Ho hum.

Look, I don’t know about you folks, but these guys are boring the bejeezus out of me. Every month or two they come out with a new video telling us just how they’re going to make our streets run with blood or make our widows howl by the millions or how our injustices will make us weep witht he heatbreak of scoriasis. But that’s it. That’s all they do.

Meanwhile, they’re busy getting their lunches eaten on a daily basis by Coalition soldiers in Iraq. They manage to cork off a car bomb or a roadside explosive and kill a couple of our soldiers, but they don’t get much of a victory dance because a day later we’re blasting through their Forces of Resistance like a sandstorm through an oyster cracker. So they turn their attentions on the people in whose name they’re supposed to be resisting – the Iraqis. They detonate another car bomb or two around people whose worst crime is collecting a paycheck for working as police officers in their own country. All that manages to do is to turn the Iraqis against them that much more resolutely.

So the put out another videotape and go “booga booga” in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, we’ll quail this one time and listen to the ninnies who actually take them seriously over here.

Fat chance.

So what little pearl of wisdom has Zawahiri dropped on us today?

“We are a nation of patience and we will continue fighting you (United States) until the last hour,” Zawahri said in the tape which was aired by Arab satellite television Al Jazeera.

Ah yes, “a nation of patience”. Well, besides the fact that they’re not a nation at all, they do seem to be showing incredible patience. As for the whole “fighting you” thing, I think they’d make a better show of it – or at least stop seeming like craven cowards – if they actually..well…fought us, instead of hiding in mosques, using women and children ad human shields, and kiling unarmed civilians with car bombs.

But I admit, I’m biased. I only consider my enemies courageous and worthy of respect if they fight, not cower in places of worship or mail videotapes while hiding behind the skirts of frightened women.

Tell you what, Zawahiri. Make a video tape from a battlefield, with a few bullets whizzing about your head and maybe I’ll think a little bit more of you. Until then, I hold the same sentiment about you that Dr. McCoy held of General Chang: “You know, I’d pay real money if he’d just shut up”.

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