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There’s a new site that’s been showing up in my referral lists – Ordeal of Liberty. Normally, I don’t talk about new sites (except perhaps if I put them in my “Weekly Specials” sidebar) but this one…well…it made me feel all kinds of good. The site looks to be a clearing house of news article and columnists dealing with conservative issues and writers and it’s the kind of thing I could definitely as a resource for information and grist for my blogging mill (though if you read this, Friend Site Owner, we crave updates!). It looks like a promising new entry in the wonderful world of conservative web pages.

I was interested in what about that site sent folks to my blog. I like to know who’s referring me so I can check them out and, if they look like a good place to spend some time, put them on my blogroll or in one of my sidebars.

Here’s the cool part. The site has a link list that includes such conservative heavy hitters as Newt Gingrich, Michelle Malkin, Townhall, Power Line, Laura Ingraham, the Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute, William Bennett, and the National Review.

And me.

Yes, among the giants of mondern conservative thought on the Web is little ol’ me. Now if that isn’t an ego boost of the highest order, I don’t know what is.

So if you’re the person who runs that site, thank you for listing me among such luminaries. You’ve given me a very large complement that I hope I will continue to merit.

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