Thunderbird Bleg

| September 29, 2004 | Reply

I just upgraded to Thunderbird 0.8. I’ve been running 0.7 for a little while now and I’m very happy with it.

Except now I have a problem I can’t solve.

Thunderbird won’t pick up my e-mail. I click on the “Get Mail” button, and the various other options and nothing happens. No hit to my modem, no attempt to connect, nothing at all. I’ve checked my POP and SMTP setting and all appears to be as it was before I upgraded. I’ve triple-checked my firewall (ZoneAlarm) and Thunderbird has every permission I can find to grant it. It should have a nice, unimpeded route to the net, but it ain’t happening.

What am I doing wrong here? Anyone heard of this or can offer me some help? My only other alternative is to use my web-based mail (which is torturously slow) or to go back to 0.7, assuming I can set that up correctly.

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