The George Soros 2004 Tour!

| September 29, 2004 | Reply

This strikes me as very, very good news.

George Soros has already dumped 18 million dollars – at a minimum – into getting George Bush out of office. What has he gotten for his money?

Well, an 8-point Bush lead going into the debates.

Now, the Big Dog himself is going out to hunt. Soros is ponying up 3 million and will tour 12 cities on his quest to defeat the President.

Hey, I say he ought to go for it. Why stop at 3 million dollars? Why not 5? Why not another 18 million? Why not let the little maniac with the Jesus complex….

[Did you say “Jesus complex”? Just a little off the ol’ hyperbole charts, aren’t you? – ed]

Oh no…not at all, Oh Internal Editor I Use as a Style Device.

“I’ve been accused of messianic fantasies, and I will own up to them…”

Now, as I was saying. This guy who own up to having a Jesus complex wants to spend like a drunken sailor to get the President out of office. So far, he’s doing a bang-up job on the spending side but not so much on the getting the President out of office side. In fact, it seems that the harder the Soros brigade (MoveOn, Americans Coming Together, Texans for Truth, etc) works, the better the President does in the polls.

So let him spend himself into the poor house. That way he’ll be fresh out of cash when the next election happens and we won’t have to hear anything else from him ever again.

Would that be such a bad thing?

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